1/06/11- 33 1/2 weeks, 46 days to go!!! Obviously not dieting, but I’m trying to maintain a healthy weight gain. So far, so good. And I don’t have much further to go. Plan on carefully dieting after the baby is about a month old and my milk supply is more established, but, I will have to be extremely careful. Still think I can do it, though.

2/22/10- Day One Restart. Not going so well, yet another migraine, and I didn’t workout at the gym. I am going to have to do an exercise video later.

2/17/10- Day One. Good day, started with a migraine, but that is normal when you are coming down from a normal 2-3 cups of coffee with 4 teaspoons of sugar in each cup kind of normal morning. Breakfast was a smoothie, lunch was fried chicken (yes, that was not good- or planned), dinner was a taco salad, which I am proud to say, was virtually grain-free. I did crumble one chip on top to make it look pretty (you eat with your eyeballs first!) and I did put ranch dressing on it. I am reading herb lists for ranch dressing to use with my homemade yogurt, and then I can actually sanction its use. The biggest “bad” was that I did not end up working out. I am going to start the triathlon plan on Monday because it goes in standard weeks, but I still wanted to do a good workout today. Perhaps, I will still do some yoga or some other light stretching. I’m in need of some calming down and deep breathing! Anticipate something pretty similar for tomorrow.

1/12/10- Roller-Coaster Road. My new plans are to continue eating foods prescribed for pregnant women, only in smaller quantities and adding some good exercise to my plan. I am hoping that in three months, I can try to get pregnant again, only this time, I won’t have to go searching for “plus-sized maternity” which is nearly impossible to find!

11/29/09- I am feeling awful! I made it through about 6 days of a modified cleanse and then I started strong into phase one but somewhere along the way, I got lost and now I’m back to gaining weight. I watched a special on The Biggest Loser where they interviewed past participants to see how they’ve been doing and one woman mentioned that the trainers on the show told her (and her husband) that once you have made it to obese and then back down, you will need to do about 60-90 minutes of work-outs, 5-6 days a week to maintain the loss! I’m guessing that is true because, unless you get liposuction, you never lose those fat cells, so they are just waiting for you to mess up so they can fill up! I am guessing that I will be able to get away with 30-60 minutes 5 times a week, which is pretty close to what I’m already prepared to do. I’m really enjoying a smoothie for breakfast though!

11/08/09- Day 2 of my 10 Day Cleanse. Sunday. Started out well with breakfast of pineapples. I ate more than yesterday and I felt good. I chewed a piece of gum on the way to church because fresh pineapple makes my mouth taste nasty (big no). Right about the middle of Sunday Sermon though, I was ready for my apple and (obviously) it wasn’t there. I chewed a piece of gum instead (no-no). I got home and ate some of my chicken soup puree. Hunger is still the best seasoning! I was feeling very tired and especially weak, so Eric was wonderful and took the kids to the park while I slept. I snoozed even after he brought the kids home and got them down for their naps. When I woke up, I felt refreshed, but I also felt WEAK. Duh, it’s not enough calories to support a comatose person!!! We ended up eating a small dinner (more puree for me) and then we headed out to church. We stopped at McDonald’s to let the kids run off some steam but then decided that neither of us were feeling particularly up to church. I was feeling weak and tired and poor Eric hasn’t gotten a good night’s sleep since…well, since he got back from Iraq over two years ago. We went shopping for new work clothes for him. The kids whined about their hunger pains and here is where the night got bad: We ate at Chili’s! (NO-NO-NO) I ended up eating some chips with queso and salsa, a buffalo chicken salad and then we all shared a fudge brownie sundae. It was delicious. When we got home, I took my cleansing drink portion and I will continue with the cleanse tomorrow, though I really don’t think I’ll make it all 10 days. Maybe if I eat more soup to build up my calories? Higher sugared fruits? Who knows, but I would like to finish this cleanse, it makes phase one go a lot faster.


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