So much for a daily post, huh?

What have we been up to? After Noah’s illness, Jordyn got sick.

Then, just when she finally recovered, I got sick. I will spare you the visual.

I spent the rest of that week making Halloween costumes.

After that, my dad came into town for a visit and he enabled all of my sisters (and their families) to gather in the same place.

We went to the zoo and swam in the hotel’s pool.


And now we get back to normal.


Thanksgiving then Christmas

Here is Thanksgiving:


It was awesome, delicious, beautiful and served on a tablecloth that I made from a thrifted sheet in the time it took for the turkey to go from 160 degrees to button-popping goodness. It was fun! We were able to break out my mom’s china from 30 years ago, which is a moment my sister, Karee, and I wait for every year. It would have been nice to have some “out of towners” in for a visit but our new “in-towner”, my brother-in-law, Jon was a welcome addition. We played Scattergories which I was terrible at!

All in all, it was a wonderful day, and only slightly overshadowed by the fact that my husband is one of those people now, who camped out at Best Buy to get a computer for Jon. They left at 9:30pm and got back around 6 in the morning. Did I mention that it was 19 degrees outside?

Now, we have moved on. We are still eating turkey and figuring out how we are going to burn the extra calories with all that yummy goodness in the fridge, but I have moved on to this:

which is a pile of the strips that have been cut for Jordyn’s quilt that she will hopefully be getting for Christmas this year. I am doing everything wrong, there are too many colors and we discussed how bad I am at math in the previous post. I did manage to get them all put together correctly this morning. Noah’s strips have all been sewn into their appropriate threesome, ready to be cut.

More or less.

I will post more pictures as these become blocks this weekend! I still have the center motif to do which will be mostly applique work. It is a lot of work, but I really hope that they will like them.

Why I Don’t Like Numbers

I have been working frantically on crafty projects lately. Almost to the exclusion of all else. Almost.

Anyway, I am planning on making a quilt for each of my children for Christmas, which has become an overwhelming project. Not to mention that my daughter (and I) are (still) out of clothes to wear. Although, Jordyn did get a few nice play dresses from Eric’s co-worker, which is getting her by for right now. I just don’t have enough and what I do have is awful.

Here come the numbers: I cut strips for the nine-patch blocks for my kids’ quilts. I cut all of them precisely 13 inches long. After all, my blocks were going to be 6 inches square and that is the double after seam allowance that I came up with. You might need to know at this point, that alternating with the nine-patch blocks, are going to be simple 6 inch squares and I did my math for those squares first. If you note, a 6 inch square doubled would be 12 inches, but, HA, you need to add seam allowances and their are four (top and bottom, twice) in these blocks. At 1/4 inch, my math is SPOT ON. Everything worked out great, the 72 (ish) blocks that I cut out for my children’s quilts are exactly 6 1/2 inches square. Perfect. Problem is, I knew that those squares were correct and I just assumed that it would be perfect for my nine-patches. I guess I didn’t really think because if I had, I would have remembered that when cutting long strips to be sliced for the patches in a nine-patch block, their would be more than 2 seam allowances…there would be TWELVE!!! Basically, it boils down to: I was 3 inches short on every strip, for both quilts. Now I approxiamately (because I refuse to do the real math now) 15 blocks short on each quilt.

Are you confused yet? My head is still swimming and it is 2 in the morning (which is another number problem!) and I just finished making a tent dress which makes me gain about 100 pounds just by putting it on, really. I think I am giving up on dresses. They will flatter my figure when I’ve lost an additional 50-75 pounds. In the meantime, I will stick with button down blouses and 6 gore skirts. Simple to sew, simple to tailor, simple to change (ish). It’s not ideal, but it will have to do. Now what do I do with all this yardage that I bought for DRESSES???

What to Wear?

I have been following Lady Lydia’s blog, Living at Home, for a long time but lately she has been doing a series on modest and feminine clothing reflected in older artwork and how to apply that to our daily wardrobes. It has been an excellent source of inspiration for me. I have always been dependent on current fashion to dictate both the style and fabric. I thought that I was choosing things that I liked, but really, I wasn’t. Now I have several dresses to make with less than thrilling fabric, but that’s okay. They are still nice and will be pretty.

So with the school year coming up, even though we are still smack dab in the middle of summer, I have been trying to figure out what dresses I am going to make for fall and winter. I will probably start with a summer weight dress, but only one. I also need to be sewing for my daughter too. Basically, I have enough sewing to keep me busy for a long time!
Here is my sewing list:
Daughter (Jordyn):
2 Summer dresses for her birthday in August
2 Corduroy dresses for fall/winter
2 Cotton long-sleeve dresses
2 Full slips
5 pairs of modesty shorts/capris
2 knee length bloomers out of flannel
3 2 winter nightgowns (one in progress)
Brown skirt (already cut out)
Blue skirt
2-3 Blouses
1 Summer Dress
3 2 Fall/Winter Dresses
3 Full slips
1 Half slip
5 Pairs of bloomers
1-2 Pairs of flannel bloomers
3 Nightgowns
Christmas Outfits (that is for Christmas pictures, not receiving on-)
Vest for Noah and Eric
Dress for Jordyn
Skirt and Blouse for Me
Among all of that, I have several little projects, a handbag (or two or three…), these cute crayon roll-up bags, a couple of stuffed animals and dolls for Christmas gifts and I would also like to make my children each a new quilt for their bed for Christmas. Yes, I am already thinking about what to do for Christmas. I don’t know if we’ll do Santa Claus this year. It really disturbs me that I am required to do a substantial amount of lying to my children just for the “fun” of it, but we’ll see what the husband thinks. Feel free to weigh in on the topic. (We have decided to do Santa, based largely on another family’s discussion of the topic with us.)
I suppose what I am trying to say is: I have a ton of sewing to do!! I love reading progress reports, so I will probably try to post some as well, with pictures. I doubt that those items will be enough to get us completely through the winter, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to make a dress here or there once I’ve gotten into a good routine. I am still looking for an easier dress pattern to make for my daughter (with no buttons or zippers) because I am rarely buying everything for the dress in one stop and I don’t like having to wait to find matching buttons or zippers. It’s much easier if the pattern is just simple! I just found this one, which comes with two different sleeve options and looks easy.
What I really need now is to carve out some time in my schedule to sew. It shouldn’t be terribly difficult because of my current living situation, but it will require me to sacrifice nights lounging around the TV and most likely, my sacrosanct naptime as well. Hopefully, it will be worth it in the end, to know that I have created two wardrobes for my family and moved on to the Christmas gifts…
Updated 10/24/2009

Like I Promised…

Here are the pictures of the cutest little girls in their cute little dresses. It was so hard to make those dresses, but so much fun too! They have motivated me to make more cute dresses for little girls so I am knee deep in about three new projects!!! Hurray!!! All that on top of starting homeschooling (we are doing a sort of year-round approach) and developing my character in a BIG way…it’s BUSY around here!!!

This is the whole wedding party, including the little girls, minus the baby, she was sleeping in her nana’s arms!!

This is the beautiful bride, my sister, Katie, and the little kiddos. The girl on the left is Meagan holding her doll (she is my youngest (half) sister), my daughter Jordyn and then my niece Bethany and of course, my son, Noah.

These are the kids walking down the “aisle” which was really a nice dirt path at this outdoor event…it was incredibly beautiful.

This is the entire wedding party again, after the wedding, and with the addition of baby Claira in her mother’s arms (and eating the bouquet, yes that is what she is really doing!).
And of course, who can resist little Claira Jeaux…

Flower Girl Dresses

My sister’s wedding is fast approaching (yeah!) and I was commissioned months ago to make the three little girls’ dresses for the ceremony. I purchased the pretty fabric and the pattern and was ready to go, but life got in the way. We were moving, unpacking, visiting, any and all sorts of things that have kept me from my sewing room. However, the last three days have seen a complete turnaround because I have been only in my sewing room with the exception of meals. It has been at once exciting and exhilerating and engulfing and exhausting (how’s that for alliteration???). But, I am seeing the end!!! They are fully lined and not as simple as I thought they’d be (perhaps because I’m fulling lining them!) Here is a picture of the fabric and the pattern, I’ll show you pictures when I’m done with all the dresses!!!