So much for a daily post, huh?

What have we been up to? After Noah’s illness, Jordyn got sick.

Then, just when she finally recovered, I got sick. I will spare you the visual.

I spent the rest of that week making Halloween costumes.

After that, my dad came into town for a visit and he enabled all of my sisters (and their families) to gather in the same place.

We went to the zoo and swam in the hotel’s pool.


And now we get back to normal.


Thanksgiving then Christmas

Here is Thanksgiving:


It was awesome, delicious, beautiful and served on a tablecloth that I made from a thrifted sheet in the time it took for the turkey to go from 160 degrees to button-popping goodness. It was fun! We were able to break out my mom’s china from 30 years ago, which is a moment my sister, Karee, and I wait for every year. It would have been nice to have some “out of towners” in for a visit but our new “in-towner”, my brother-in-law, Jon was a welcome addition. We played Scattergories which I was terrible at!

All in all, it was a wonderful day, and only slightly overshadowed by the fact that my husband is one of those people now, who camped out at Best Buy to get a computer for Jon. They left at 9:30pm and got back around 6 in the morning. Did I mention that it was 19 degrees outside?

Now, we have moved on. We are still eating turkey and figuring out how we are going to burn the extra calories with all that yummy goodness in the fridge, but I have moved on to this:

which is a pile of the strips that have been cut for Jordyn’s quilt that she will hopefully be getting for Christmas this year. I am doing everything wrong, there are too many colors and we discussed how bad I am at math in the previous post. I did manage to get them all put together correctly this morning. Noah’s strips have all been sewn into their appropriate threesome, ready to be cut.

More or less.

I will post more pictures as these become blocks this weekend! I still have the center motif to do which will be mostly applique work. It is a lot of work, but I really hope that they will like them.

Mad Minutes

As usual, I have been a little lax about my homeschooling schedule and routine. We are only in Kindergarten here and living is definitely more important than hitting the books. Character issues need to be dealt with long before the issues surrounding the Civil War. All that being said, my inattentive ways were getting on my mother’s nerves and she decided to do something about it!

She taught special education students for several years and while doing so, she developed this “program” which is essentially an elaborate system of Excel spreadsheets that create customized “Mad Minute” sheets for the child. (Send me an email or comment if you are interested or know people who would be, we are considering offering it up for a downloadable sale, but would give some free samples to the first five who are interested!) Right now, Jordyn is working on counting and adding. Her counting skills are between 1 and 10 and her addition is any combination with a sum of 3 or less.


We started out using counting bears from our Saxon program, and my mom printed up a “math template” with two boxes on top of the other so Jordyn could put in the correct number of bears into each box and then count the total. My mom did this when I started complaining that, developmentally, Jordyn wasn’t quite ready for as much abstract thinking as math worksheets required.


Of course, after a day of using the cute, colorful teddy bears, Jordyn insisted today that, “I don’t need those things.” My mom timed her, and Jordyn did her first line in 37 seconds. She finished the entire sheet in under 3 minutes. Now, I’ve got to tell you, I haven’t done any number-penmanship practice with her. We are up to the U in her Handwriting Without Tears Kindergarten program, so her handwriting is holding her back, she has to concentrate to write every number. But the smile on her face when she’s through just makes me happy.


Yeah, that’s why I homeschool.

Jump Start on Christmas Gifts


This is a fun “what was I thinking” kind of Christmas gift. I found this crochet pattern in a book that I found at the library a month or so ago. Among other things, the pattern suggested that you could make a scarf. When I saw the picture on the opposite page, the first thing I thought was how much my sister, Karee, would enjoy it. I let her choose the color because I wanted it to match her preferences and her wardrobe.


She selected a pure white thread, a number 20, which means it is twice as small as the smallest thread they sell at Walmart.

The completed motif takes seven “rounds” and ends up in about a 5 inch diameter. I have completed 3, only 31 to go!


Like I Promised…

Here are the pictures of the cutest little girls in their cute little dresses. It was so hard to make those dresses, but so much fun too! They have motivated me to make more cute dresses for little girls so I am knee deep in about three new projects!!! Hurray!!! All that on top of starting homeschooling (we are doing a sort of year-round approach) and developing my character in a BIG way…it’s BUSY around here!!!

This is the whole wedding party, including the little girls, minus the baby, she was sleeping in her nana’s arms!!

This is the beautiful bride, my sister, Katie, and the little kiddos. The girl on the left is Meagan holding her doll (she is my youngest (half) sister), my daughter Jordyn and then my niece Bethany and of course, my son, Noah.

These are the kids walking down the “aisle” which was really a nice dirt path at this outdoor event…it was incredibly beautiful.

This is the entire wedding party again, after the wedding, and with the addition of baby Claira in her mother’s arms (and eating the bouquet, yes that is what she is really doing!).
And of course, who can resist little Claira Jeaux…

Flower Girl Dresses

My sister’s wedding is fast approaching (yeah!) and I was commissioned months ago to make the three little girls’ dresses for the ceremony. I purchased the pretty fabric and the pattern and was ready to go, but life got in the way. We were moving, unpacking, visiting, any and all sorts of things that have kept me from my sewing room. However, the last three days have seen a complete turnaround because I have been only in my sewing room with the exception of meals. It has been at once exciting and exhilerating and engulfing and exhausting (how’s that for alliteration???). But, I am seeing the end!!! They are fully lined and not as simple as I thought they’d be (perhaps because I’m fulling lining them!) Here is a picture of the fabric and the pattern, I’ll show you pictures when I’m done with all the dresses!!!

Two’s for the Road

Wow was today a day (or two) to remember…but we probably won’t because our brains are so addled right now that we can barely think straight.

It all started last night, Thursday. My daughter’s massive dentist appointment went perfectly and she had no problems whatsoever. Praise the Lord for this because her teeth have been a huge concern for me recently. Anyway, my husband had taken the day off which was a relief because my sister, Karee, had come down with a fever over 102 degrees! She was our designated babysitter and one of the drivers for our caravan of vehicles. When my husband and I finally arrived at my mom’s house to load her truck we saw how HUGE this truck was. It was a 26 foot truck and we were meant to share it. About halfway through the night we realized that there was NO WAY that both Mom’s stuff and our stuff would fit on the same truck as planned. We were right, Mom filled the truck with her stuff alone. This left me and Eric to rent a truck last minute which, amazingly, we were able to do, along with the towing unit for my car…which I have to drive…Yikes!!!

Oh man!!! We have packed and packed and moved and moved these last two days and now we are so tired that we can barely see straight and we are going to be driving for three days!!! My sister likely had pneumonia, my mom is stressed to the point of throwing up and we are all stressed to snapping…

Pray for us as we take this journey. I will see ya on the other side!!! (And I will give you more details when my brain has had time to process them…)