Who Am I?

Do you spend your days dreaming you could be someone different? Do you fantasize about all the possibilities in your life? Are you still sitting in front of the computer wishing they could magically come true? Me. too.

See, can I be honest? It’s an easy thing to ask all zero of my blog readers. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. Shh. Don’t tell anyone. I have so many interests right now, from writing the great American novel to making a quilt for everyone I’ve ever met. And, by the way, I’m in school full-time (final semester, holla!) and have five children and we just bought a house and there are dishes in my sink.

But the drive to publish something, to reach out into the blogosphere and say something, be something, connect with someone, impact someone catches my attention and I’m not sure I know how to give it up completely. Of course, as soon as “make it official,” I’ll quit. So, I’ll publish this, but I won’t add any publicity. I’ll attempt to continue to write something and I’ll publish it. But if, in a year, this is the only post, I won’t be surprised.

Blogging is such an interesting “job” — you spend your time writing, but essentially, you’re selling yourself and the middle school girl that hasn’t gotten over the fear of rejection is a little scared at this prospect.