Dear Andrew

I wanted to write tonight about your personality and charm. Despite having a horrible day (you refused to be put down without a massive fit) you still managed to charm EVERY SINGLE PERSON who came in contact with you during the day.

Most babies grab attention. I think it is in our nature to be attracted to a baby’s innocence. But I have never seen people as drawn to a baby as people seem drawn to you. Even children and roudy boys look at you AND COMMENT about how cute you are or how happy you are. It {literally} took me five minutes to get into the grocery store yesterday because of the two separate women who stopped me to tell me how cute and charming you were. It was as though I was walking around with a clown costume on, it seemed that everyone’s eyes automatically turned to the adorable baby I had sitting in my cart.

I just want to thank God for you tonight. A mother always loves when her baby is praised, but there is just something so wonderful and consistent about this praise. For one thing, it isn’t about me, but I am definitely benefitting from all the attention. It encourages me and uplifts me. So thank you. {Both of you.}