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Insta-Friday: My First Edition

So over at one of my favorite blogs, Forever Folding Laundry, (don’t ask me how I found her blog, cause I have no idea- but she’s cool, and her husband works at Pixar!) on Fridays, she links up with the folks at Life. Rearranged and the Instagram App for the iPhone/iPod and posts an Insta-Friday post. Whew, what a set-up! I rarely take photos and even less frequently, post them on my blog, but that’s what I want to do more of; so here’s my first attempt. Hopefully, this will become a simple weekly tradition. See, I (almost) always have my iPod on me, and if I can remember to take a few pictures during the week, then perhaps I will be able to have something (just something!) to post every week. Now wouldn’t that be cool?

So, here it is, from our mid-week, end of summer (free) trip to the rinky-dink Pueblo Zoo.

Jordyn and Noah. Isn’t it nice when both children stop and look at the camera and sort of smile?

Andrew smiles. And watches the kids. And animals. And he drools, but we love him anyway.

The sun was hot that day…why does that sound like the opening line to something, somewhere? But, seriously, it was hot. And we picked the hottest hours of the day to be at this zoo. And we forgot to bring water so we had to pay through the nose to get some. Oh, yeah.

Jordyn and Noah watched the penguins eat their meal. They were jumping around and playing and not listening whatsoever to the woman talking about feeding the penguins, perhaps because she was standing behind everyone, but then, they decided to be cute.

Jordyn jumped. She jumped as far as a bullfrog.

Noah jumped. He jumped as far as a spider (that wiggled and jiggled and tickled inside her).

Andrew did not jump. He slept. And he refused to sleep laying down, so smushed into the cupholder he became.

And that was our trip to the zoo and my first experience playing with Instagram. Whatdya think? I kinda like it!

Check it out yourself!
life rearranged


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