Sick Boy

So sad to be sick. So sad to be without his blankie to comfort him because Mommy was washing it. So happy to be watching TV all day long. Can you tell?


On Blogging

So, those who know me know that I love to write (which is just talking on a keyboard) and that I also like to stay in touch. However, I do a crummy job with being consistent and finding something to say. However, one of my favorite blogs is Pleasant View Schoolhouse (yeah! she’s blogging again!!!!) and this woman usually posts pictures with short commentary or glimpses into her life. Occasionally, she will post a nice quote from a book. This is what I want to do. Sure, I still like talking about some of the weightier issues or whatever else is going through my mind, but essentially this blog is for me and my children to look back on and see our growth and development. So, I’m taking the “blog daily” challenge between now and Christmas. We’ll see how it goes.

They’re Here!!!

Yeah, those wonderful books all got here today. Amazon even pulled through and delivered the books EARLY!!! So now I am really in deep with the planning work. I’m excited too. Next step is deciding how much of this material I need to take over to Office Max to make copies of. Wishing I had a commercial copier right about now. Sorry about the Facebook-length entry, but I’m busy…