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Titus 2 Shipment


I just got my books from Titus2.com, a website that I am coming to love. I had already ordered their two books, Managers of Their Homes and Managers of Their Chores last year, when I was ordering homeschool curriculum. I use them both, still, in planning out my day and the chores and other work that my children will do. I am getting into the swing of a new routine and once I have the kinks worked out, I’ll let you know what I’m up to.

Lately, homeschooling has been on my mind. I am facing first grade this year for Jordyn and it is becoming obvious to me that “incidental” homeschooling is going to be ineffectual for that year. I am pleased with Jordyn’s knowledge, but I know that she could be at a much higher level if I had applied myself to teaching her. Still, she knows most of what she needs to know to transition successfully into a first grade curriculum (I have used the placement tests, that’s not just me guessing). The big deal for me is what to do next. I had such high plans for a Christian, classical education and staying as far away from textbooks as I could, but lately, I’ve begun to rethink that position. When looking for different methods to homeschool, I ran across (again) the book by the Maxwells of Titus 2 called Managers of Their Schools. The reason I had never thought about this book before is that they are decidedly PRO-TEXTBOOK learning. They use Christian textbooks exclusively and I thought that was an interesting stand, but originally I was set again textbooks, so I discredited the book. I now own it.

Today, it came, along with Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit and the Study Guide, Keeping Our Children’s Hearts: Our Vital Priority, and finally a children’s book series called The Moody’s. It is a set a chapter readers about a large(ish), Christian, homeschooling family, so the children should be able to relate to the positive images portrayed a lot easier than having to read through the secular, man-bashing, God-trashing “literature” out there.

I’m excited to begin to read through these books, I’ll post reviews when I’m done with them!


2 thoughts on “Titus 2 Shipment

  1. That’s tricky! I tend to choose curriculum based on what fits my daughter, not only on what fits “me”, or what “I;m” attracted to. Know what I mean? I would rather use workbooks and textbooks, for structures, definate information, but my daughter loves to read, so we use Sonlight for their wonderful literature. She’s approaching high school in August, my main concern now is documentation!!! Gotta have something to worry about! LOL

  2. Right now, with an unlimited budget, we will be combining all three. We will use Abeka’s textbooks as a foundation, especially for their language arts and math. Then we will add on the classical elements that are missing in textbooks, mostly in method, such as narration and copywork as well as history and science. Finally, we want to use Sonlight for their reading/history selection. It isn’t as expensive as I thought it was, but it is WAY NOT CHEAP!!! In the end, we are trying to figure out how much of it we actually NEED, instead of all the things I WANT. Tricky, and painful to cull through all your desires to what is best for everyone.

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