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Despite our winter warnings, we have been packing like crazy, but with a focus on organization. It was while I was confronted with a hallway full of assorted bed linens and towels that I got a little creative. I had read somewhere to store the matching sheets (and extra pillowcases) in the pillowcase for the set. That way, everything is ready to go and you can just grab the sheet set you want. Really good idea, by the way, wish I knew who said it so that I could credit them. However, like most families, I have more than one bed size, which I realized when I was looking for twin-sized sheets for my kids’ beds for my sister’s visit. I grabbed a pink (yeah, this must be Jordyn’s) queen sized sheet. Needless to say, it didn’t fit the twin bed and was tossed aside. It won’t fit my king sized bed either, but it might fit on our futon. My idea was to label these pillowcase-packages so that, at a glance, I could tell where each set belonged.


T for Twin, K for King, and Q for Queen (if I can ever complete the set!). I just took a little scrap of flannel (because it doesn’t fray easily), pinked the edges with my scissors, and wrote on it with a permanent marker. Affix with a safety pin and you are ready to go.


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