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Weather Report

We are finally moving out of our “temporary” residence after a year here. We are extremely excited and carefully planned our move for Eric’s day off, which has finally come around: this Wednesday, tomorrow! I have been packing quite a bit the last few days, but since we are moving into a smaller space, we are planning on leaving behind quite a few things, so I am really only worried about moving “essentials” and a few other things and leaving behind the rest to be gone through at my leisure.

However, it is not the packing or the unpacking or the sorting that has me worried right now, its the transporting. We decided a month ago to forego the U-Haul rental because we found it to be cost-prohibitive, mostly because Eric can “borrow” a Tundra for free from work; it will be more trips, but its free. Can’t beat free! However, we live in Colorado. Sunday was a beautiful day, 70 degrees or more, just beautiful out. However, I noticed the little red light show up on my phone’s cool weather system. A “Winter Weather Warning” had been issued for Pueblo County. Here is the weather report:

Sunday: beautiful, warm, 70 degrees

Monday: beautiful, warm, 70 degrees

Tuesday: beautiful, cool, evening showers predicted

Wednesday: cold, SNOW, cold, 36 degrees

Thursday: beautiful, cool-warm

Friday: beautiful, warm

HUH??? The very day that we are moving is the only day that has snow??? Our moving plan is going crazy now, trying to figure out how to protect our belongings from the weather, ie. tarps, weather bags for the mattresses, towels for the entryway. It’s not fun, let me tell you! But, I am still going to praise the Lord, we are moving into an affordable apartment that happens to have new carpet, new vinyl, and a new toilet. Yeah!!!


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