Despite our winter warnings, we have been packing like crazy, but with a focus on organization. It was while I was confronted with a hallway full of assorted bed linens and towels that I got a little creative. I had read somewhere to store the matching sheets (and extra pillowcases) in the pillowcase for the set. That way, everything is ready to go and you can just grab the sheet set you want. Really good idea, by the way, wish I knew who said it so that I could credit them. However, like most families, I have more than one bed size, which I realized when I was looking for twin-sized sheets for my kids’ beds for my sister’s visit. I grabbed a pink (yeah, this must be Jordyn’s) queen sized sheet. Needless to say, it didn’t fit the twin bed and was tossed aside. It won’t fit my king sized bed either, but it might fit on our futon. My idea was to label these pillowcase-packages so that, at a glance, I could tell where each set belonged.


T for Twin, K for King, and Q for Queen (if I can ever complete the set!). I just took a little scrap of flannel (because it doesn’t fray easily), pinked the edges with my scissors, and wrote on it with a permanent marker. Affix with a safety pin and you are ready to go.


Weather Report

We are finally moving out of our “temporary” residence after a year here. We are extremely excited and carefully planned our move for Eric’s day off, which has finally come around: this Wednesday, tomorrow! I have been packing quite a bit the last few days, but since we are moving into a smaller space, we are planning on leaving behind quite a few things, so I am really only worried about moving “essentials” and a few other things and leaving behind the rest to be gone through at my leisure.

However, it is not the packing or the unpacking or the sorting that has me worried right now, its the transporting. We decided a month ago to forego the U-Haul rental because we found it to be cost-prohibitive, mostly because Eric can “borrow” a Tundra for free from work; it will be more trips, but its free. Can’t beat free! However, we live in Colorado. Sunday was a beautiful day, 70 degrees or more, just beautiful out. However, I noticed the little red light show up on my phone’s cool weather system. A “Winter Weather Warning” had been issued for Pueblo County. Here is the weather report:

Sunday: beautiful, warm, 70 degrees

Monday: beautiful, warm, 70 degrees

Tuesday: beautiful, cool, evening showers predicted

Wednesday: cold, SNOW, cold, 36 degrees

Thursday: beautiful, cool-warm

Friday: beautiful, warm

HUH??? The very day that we are moving is the only day that has snow??? Our moving plan is going crazy now, trying to figure out how to protect our belongings from the weather, ie. tarps, weather bags for the mattresses, towels for the entryway. It’s not fun, let me tell you! But, I am still going to praise the Lord, we are moving into an affordable apartment that happens to have new carpet, new vinyl, and a new toilet. Yeah!!!

Day One

We did it!!! We managed to get out of the door in time to work out.

We dropped the kids off, it was empty in the Child Care area.

We changed and jumped into the pool. We swam our prescribed 10 minutes of swimming. At which point we were paged to the child care area. Never good.

I got dressed because Eric had headed over immediately, but stopped to check in and see what was going on. When I got there it was only to find that MY FIVE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER WET HER PANTS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PLAYGROUND. Her response? “Why didn’t you bring me a change of clothes?”

We left the Y and have plans to return tomorrow to (hopefully) get a longer than 10 minute work-out. At least we finished the workout that we were supposed to do. We had both been hoping to get in a little more time, but we will probably tack in on to tomorrow’s workout which is our first bike ride.

And we’re off!!! (Note the weight loss…having the flu is good for at least one reason!)