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Y Me?

Yeah!!! We got a membership to the local YMCA, and I was planning a trip to Target to get the most modest swimsuit available, over which I’m sure I will put a white t-shirt and shorts, when I started noticing that Noah was getting an eye infection, to go along with his cold/fever/flu. We were hoping for a break in the sicknesses and were looking forward to actually working out when, SPLAT. I get the flu. Now, I am just weak and tired, but hopefully I’m done with throwing up.

Bummer, I would like to actually start working out, before May 23rd, you know?


2 thoughts on “Y Me?

  1. I heard you were sick:( Get better soon. Congrats on the gym. Free daycare is enough motivation for me to get to the gym. Where’s my YMCA. Anyway I hope everyone gets better soon AND that no one else gets sick. Good Luck

  2. This has to be one of the most frustrating things!!! Go figure, you make a good plan only to have it smashed to pieces by a week-long delay! Perhaps I will enter a triathlon in June instead, but I was really hoping to be pregnant by then…

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