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Writing Again

There are quite a few blogs that I read that impress me. Keeping the Home, Making Home, Pleasant View Schoolhouse, Home Living, and The Creative Place are all amazing blogs, for starters, and each for their own reasons. I like how matter-of-fact Candy is at Keeping the Home, she is blunt and to the point. Jess at Making Home is in-depth in her articles and intelligent. It is obvious that something is touching her life when she writes it, but she also takes the time to research, instead of just journal her own struggles. Anna lives at Pleasant View Schoolhouse and she is gentle and crafty. I love reading her blog because it is always positive and always beautiful, the pictures are always stunning. Lydia over at Home Living is one of a kind. She is frugal and feminine and though her ideas are not always in my taste, I enjoy seeing her creativity within her home. And Ashley at The Creative Place is a wonderful, creative homemaker who has a beautiful blog and wonderfully creative tutorials and recipes. She is my newest “find” and I love it so far!

What do all of these blogs have in common? For starters, they are all written by women, notably by women who are making their occupation within their home (or not having a paying occupation). They are all Christian women and they all have a different, yet distinct voice. All of them are creative in their home, but that is not what I enjoy most about these blogs.

What makes them so great in my eyes is their regularity. Anna posts something everyday except Sundays with few exceptions. It isn’t always much, but is always nice to read. Ashley posts a different “type” of post on different days of the weeks, Tuesday Tutorials and Wednesday recipes are my favorites. I think this is the point of blogging, to share something about your life in a regular way.

This is also the strategy for becoming a writer. I have always wanted to write a novel. I write a few chapters and then I quit and start a new one. As soon as it gets rough, my writing gets rough. I am armed with a million books on how to write a novel and how to keep writing a novel and how to get back to writing a novel and (of course) the number one thing that they all have in common is that you need to be dedicated to the task. Carve out a few minutes of writing time and keep it as an appointment for you and your writing. If the appointment is fifteen minutes and you sit down at the computer and nothing happens when your fingers touch the keys, that’s okay, but you still need to sit at the computer until that fifteen minutes is up. If you have longer to devote to your writing, then by all means, take it when inspiration hits you, but you have to be able to write even when feeling uninspired.

At present, I am missing not having a desk to house my laptop. I am writing from my bedroom, while sitting, lying, and slouching on my bed. Ouch. The good news is, I’ve begun writing again. I’ve been enjoying my story because it is an easy one to write. I am not writing about a young single girl as most books do, instead I am writing about an independent married woman who is on the brink of divorce, only she doesn’t know that yet. She is going to have to go through alot of the same issues that I have dealt with over the last few years in learning how to be a wife and a mother, and where to go to get those role models that are so necessary. I’m excited!


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