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Clothing Choices

Have you ever been one of those people who had different “wardrobes?” Meaning, you had church clothes, play clothes, school clothes, painting clothes, etc.? I didn’t, at least to my knowledge. However, now that the church I am attending is a little more formal, I have begun to think that having a few “church clothes” that don’t get dirtied at the park would be a welcome relief from the frantic searching on Sunday morning for something clean to wear. It is very likely that this is a problem of laundry management and less of wardrobe, but the question still remains. My son wears a shirt, tie, and pants to church that he would never wear to the park. My daughter, however, has no dress to wear to church. I think it is worth it to find something nicer for her to wear that signals to her little brain that it is Sunday and it that means a special time to worship God and learn from his Word.

Which brings up an interesting point, clothing has always had a significant impact on the way we behave. Businesses have long required their associates to dress according to a set of standards, even when they won’t be coming in direct contact with customers. Why? Because when you are dressed nicely, you act nicely. So, what about school clothes? I am wondering if it is worth the effort to make a specific “school uniform” for Jordyn. It doesn’t even really have to look like a uniform, I don’t think, just so she knows that when she wears them, it is a school day. I think it might just help trigger my brain as well. Perhaps we do something simple, black or blue skirt, white shirt. Easily made or purchased. Wonder if it would help focus my energy…


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