Homeschooling Revisited

Yes, I am again, discussing homeschooling! So much of me really struggles with this idea and there is a fair bit of guilt that what I wanted so desperately for so long is really not as easy as it seemed. It has come to my attention that I have not schooled my daughter in about two months now, which is completely unacceptable. So, I have been working through our current curriculum to find out how I can go about working through it to catch up.

What I have done is add the extra weeks on to her schooling this summer and not bother trying to play catch-up by doubling the workload. She shouldn’t have to suffer with a heavy load because I was lazy to begin with! Anyway, this works out well because our new baby is due September 1st, so I will likely be taking September off anyway. What I will end up doing is starting her First Grade year a month late in October. Isn’t that what is so great about homeschooling? Hopefully we can plow through First Grade in order to be on track for Second Grade.

At this point, if I can not stay at least close to on track, which means that I am not homeschooling daily, then I will be putting Jordyn into the public school system for Kindergarten this fall. Sigh. I don’t want to do that but at this point, getting a bad education is better than no education! I really think I can do this though, so I don’t want to think about public school too much.


A Contest!

I have been struggling with actually getting my homeschooling done these past few days weeks months. Which is why when I popped over to Stay-at-Home Missionary, (which is a fantastic website anyway!), I was super excited to see this contest. I don’t normally like entering contests, because I never win! However, when you enter the subscription giveaway, you get a free issue and that was all the incentive I needed! I love getting free encouragement!

So, check it out for yourself, you are going to love this magazine!