I love it when my children play nicely together. Yesterday was one of those days. I had taken some pictures earlier in the day and Noah then wanted to have the camera. He used it nicely for a good 10-15 minutes before handing it over to Jordyn for the next few minutes. Out of the piles of unidentifiable pictures came this one:




Mad Minutes

As usual, I have been a little lax about my homeschooling schedule and routine. We are only in Kindergarten here and living is definitely more important than hitting the books. Character issues need to be dealt with long before the issues surrounding the Civil War. All that being said, my inattentive ways were getting on my mother’s nerves and she decided to do something about it!

She taught special education students for several years and while doing so, she developed this “program” which is essentially an elaborate system of Excel spreadsheets that create customized “Mad Minute” sheets for the child. (Send me an email or comment if you are interested or know people who would be, we are considering offering it up for a downloadable sale, but would give some free samples to the first five who are interested!) Right now, Jordyn is working on counting and adding. Her counting skills are between 1 and 10 and her addition is any combination with a sum of 3 or less.


We started out using counting bears from our Saxon program, and my mom printed up a “math template” with two boxes on top of the other so Jordyn could put in the correct number of bears into each box and then count the total. My mom did this when I started complaining that, developmentally, Jordyn wasn’t quite ready for as much abstract thinking as math worksheets required.


Of course, after a day of using the cute, colorful teddy bears, Jordyn insisted today that, “I don’t need those things.” My mom timed her, and Jordyn did her first line in 37 seconds. She finished the entire sheet in under 3 minutes. Now, I’ve got to tell you, I haven’t done any number-penmanship practice with her. We are up to the U in her Handwriting Without Tears Kindergarten program, so her handwriting is holding her back, she has to concentrate to write every number. But the smile on her face when she’s through just makes me happy.


Yeah, that’s why I homeschool.

Simple Woman’s Daybook

For more information on how to participate, see this website.

Today is: Monday, October 26, 2009

Outside my window: The sun is shining, but we are expecting snow tomorrow or Wednesday. Loving the Colorado fall, though Washington’s was more spectacular.

I am thinking: About birth control or the lack thereof, but that’s a private matter.

I am thankful for: My husband, who goes to work for me and the kids everyday, even when he doesn’t want to.

From the kitchen: Potato-chicken soup. My mom’s creation when she found out how fattening “real” potato soup is. Instead of a cream-based broth, my mom used homemade chicken stock. She makes a roux with butter and flour, adds the broth along with a stalk (or two) of celery and a carrot or two, both chopped the way that you like to eat them and a chopped onion. In a separate pot she cooks two medium-large sized potatoes that have been chopped (like for mashed potatoes). Once they are cooked through, drain and add to the soup pot. Season with salt, pepper, a little thyme and whatever else sounds nice. Bring to a boil and then simmer until the veggies are tender. You can add shredded chicken if you have it on hand. Serve in a big bowl with cheese, sour cream, chives and bacon on top. Or serve with crusty bread and cheese. Or serve. Or, just get a spoon and stand in front of the stove. It’s all good!

I am wearing: My denim skirt, a pink tanktop, covered up by a tan pull-over sweater. Hair is pulled up in a claw-clip.

I am creating: Christmas gifts (see previous post!)

I am going: to stay at home today.

I am reading: The History of the Ancient World, by Susan Wise Bauer. She is the author of the history text that I want to use next year with Jordyn (The Story of the World, volume 1) and since it is a 4 year chronological history program, I wanted to see how she deals with some “sensitive” areas, for example, Greek and Roman mythology. It’s a good book so far.

I am praying: for wisdom in dealing with touchy family issues, for even more wisdom in dealing with our finances.

I am hearing: The sound of The Berenstein Bears on my TV, cars driving past the window, Jordyn is “playing dinosaur,” Noah saying “I wuh you”

Around the house: Monday laundry day. I am teaching Jordyn to do her own laundry.

One of my favorite things: Sleeping in and cuddling as a family in our big bed.

A few plans for the week: Cleaning out the back room, crafting and creating up a storm

A picture I am sharing: the kids at the Historical Musuem, in a tepee.

Kids in Tepee

Jump Start on Christmas Gifts


This is a fun “what was I thinking” kind of Christmas gift. I found this crochet pattern in a book that I found at the library a month or so ago. Among other things, the pattern suggested that you could make a scarf. When I saw the picture on the opposite page, the first thing I thought was how much my sister, Karee, would enjoy it. I let her choose the color because I wanted it to match her preferences and her wardrobe.


She selected a pure white thread, a number 20, which means it is twice as small as the smallest thread they sell at Walmart.

The completed motif takes seven “rounds” and ends up in about a 5 inch diameter. I have completed 3, only 31 to go!


WOW, WordPress!

I didn’t really want to change my blog. I hated the process of copying and pasting every single post. I left some of them out because I just didn’t want to bother anymore. I was just about done when I started to look into this wordpress “dashboard” a little more thoroughly and low and behold, I found an “import” section! So, now with a few clicks, I managed to combine several of my blogs, my food/diet blog, my children’s blog, and my completely separate blog along with my main blog! Wow!!! Amazing!!! The only problem is that I was already done, so now I have duplicates of just about everything. What I am going to do is delete everything and do it all over again!!! Hopefully by the time you are reading this, everything will be neatly organized to my liking on my blog. This is exciting!!!

I’m Moving…

Good-bye Blogger…Hello WordPress!!!

My new site is and I am moving for one major reason: I love to journal, but often times journalling should be a private affair. Blogger doesn’t give me the option to differentiate between my posts (private and public) so it’s off to wordpress. I have transferred most of my archives to the new website, so feel free to browse them. I will be continuing to adjust their format (some of the paragraphs didn’t transfer over) as well as updating some content, especially the links.
Blogger has been home for a long time, I didn’t even know that other “weblog” sites existed, but I am excited about learning more about WordPress.

Maybe I’ll try this

I have been journalling every night in my hardcover book and I’m enjoying it, mostly because it is private. From what I recall, I can post privately here, as well as publicly and therefore choose what information I want to display. I also have a wordpress account, I’ll see if it has similar features.