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Since Moving…

…we have found a playground which not only has a large play structure, but it also has a flower garden, greenhouse, pool with slide, art exhibit, pond with bridge, and a walking trail. All among tall (enough) shade trees and soon to be green grass. One of the high points was discovering that this park had swings! Have you ever noticed that newer parks don’t have swings? All this, within a mile of our house!

We found the Riverwalk, which though it is unimpressive at the moment, will probably be nice come summer.

Then we got snow…in March…highly unusual for our standards. It went away a day or two later.

Then, while getting lost on the way to the library, found this! Jordyn was absolutely terrified of walking too close to the edge and would severely caution Noah against getting within ten feet of the edge of this cliff. Jordyn was very proud to note the dam just out of the picture to the left.

So, you can see that despite the constant work on the house, we are still getting out to enjoy ourselves occasionally. It hasn’t all been roses, but it hasn’t all be thorns either. Eric plans on joining us in about a week and we have a lot of adventures saved up to enjoy with him.

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