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Cheerful Outlook

I went ahead and changed the blog background from the “heart motif” into something a little springy. Along with this outlook is a new weigh-in result, 191.5, and I am desperate to get out of the 190’s…soon!!!

Along with some other news, I have ordered the bridesmaid dress in a size 16 and it fits!!! Though it doesn’t fit well, I know that every pound I lose will only make the dress look better. I really do need to lose weight along my thighs and my preggo-belly flab but the most important is my bust. I will probably be wearing some form of “support” for the other two, but the bust is hard to conceal and since I fill out the bust portion of the dress, it looks slightly different. Oh well…I will keep trying to lose the weight and I get what I get. I still have about 6 weeks left to lose weight; that should be about 12 pounds which would put me right at 180 or so…a good start!
My goal is ultimately to get down to a healthy weight so that I can get pregnant, and I plan on halting all forms of (hormonal) birth control around mid-July, which would allow for another 10-12 pound loss and puts me in a much healthier category for pregnancy. I would hope to wait a month or two before getting pregnant, which allows for even MORE weight loss and there you have it! The other thing that this waiting period does is allow my husband and I to figure out the finances and work out some of the lingering issues.
All in all, when I am thinking clearly, I have a positive outlook for this year, despite the myriad challenges we face, and I would love to glorify God in my life regardless of my circumstances.

One thought on “Cheerful Outlook

  1. Whoo Hoo!

    Congrats on the weight loss!!!

    Think of you! Hope you get a chance to start blogging on a regular basis soon…

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