Upcoming Posts

Sunday is here and we are off searching for a new church to go to, so I don’t have much time. HOWEVER, I did want to mention that I have a couple of posts in the works…let me know which you’d like to see first:

*The Heart of Modesty- the relationship between the internal and the external
*What the Bible Really says about Modesty and Dress

*Die, Divide, Debate, or Decide- how we value different elements of doctrine and the logical consequences
*Church or Chapel- choosing a church to make home

Okay…we are off and running!!! Gotta go with them…


I haven’t exactly been pursuing weight loss as much as I could. Moving has invaded my life and I feel like we are all in a tunnel with no light at the end. However, I have steadily been losing weight during this process. All I have been doing is eating slightly less than before (less snacks!) and we have been doing physical work like moving boxes, stripping paint, and scrubbing this FILTHY house. Just in general, I have to walk up and down the stairs which is something I’ve never had to do before, so this is an improvement.

As you can probably tell by my title, I finally got down to 199.5 which is so significant because I have not weighed this little in a very long time! I really want to step up the weight loss efforts and really consider what is going into my mouth. I think the key is to enjoying your food. This way, when I am feeling tempted by something to eat that I don’t really like but would normally snack on, I can just say no because there are things I’d rather eat. For example, my mom made some cookies for the kids the other day. She sampled a cookie and said that they were not very good, so I didn’t even bother trying one. I would much rather find a cookie that I really like and eat that one. The key is to not actively pursuing a replacement…I am sure that is all muddled, but the idea of turning down snacks and desserts (particularly for me) when they don’t look or taste completely appealing. This has cut down on some of the snacking I would have done just because they were present.
So, I have about 40 pounds to lose by May 30th, which is probably too much, but I want to keep going until that wedding date. I don’t know what weight I need to be to fit into the dress, but I would guess around 175 would cut it, so the least amount I need to lose is around another 15 pounds, which is still a 30 pound weight loss. It just doesn’t feel like I’ve lost any weight…know what I mean?

I’m Here!!!

To all you millions who wait with bated breath for my next blog post…you’ll be waiting a long time…

We have finally moved to Colorado, but the house is is worse shape than I expected and right now moving is about as chaotic as it could get. There are many days hours minutes that I feel like running away…far away. As I expected, it has been very difficult to merge the households. I am, and always be, my mother’s daughter and I fear that I will never be a responsible young woman in her eyes. I think we all have these “mommy issues”, mine are just magnified by living in the same 300 square feet (the rest of the house is under construction, so we are all living in the same room, plus the living room…it’s a wreck.) Hopefully, we can take pictures and I will show you what’s been going on. The good news is that the house is going to be very cute when its all done…and I won’t have to live here for that long…it’s just a year…
For now, I’ve got to run…