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SlimFast and Soy?

Never in a million years did I expect to go back to the SlimFast diet. I loathe the idea of buying the majority of my diet needs at Target. However, Katie has moved her wedding to the month of May now and the best Saturday in that month is the 30th because Memorial Day weekend falls early this year. So now I am really in a tizzy to lose weight as soon as possible and as fast as possible.

I am embarking, not officially and willing to quit whenever my fancy leads me, on the SlimFast diet. It’s still common sense, only with liquids. The “plan” is:
Shake for breakfast….ummm, yummy! (they’re okay, really.)
Small snack
Shake plus 1/2 a sandwich for lunch
Small snack
“Sensible dinner”
Small snack
Totally do-able and totally common sense. It is basically a way to get all the calories I need without really having to think about what, exactly, I’m eating. I think it will work for a few weeks, possibly the first 10 pounds and then after that I’m really going to need to begin eating again. That’s okay because the SlimFast plan helps you with that transition. The SlimFast website actually includes a free plan to go on, so that’s pretty cool.
The other thing I am going to add to my diet are Boca burgers or Morningstar burgers. By saying that, I mean that I am going to try to incorporate some veggie burgers. I would prefer to avoid the soy based ones, but since they are almost all soy based, I’ll deal with it. It’s only until the end of May. Easy-peasy…right?
I HAVE to lose the weight now, because after talking to my sister, she said she found the bridesmaid dresses, here, take a look! They are gorgeous!!! I love the color and shape and style, but they don’t come in plus sizes, so I really need to get down to a 16. These are now my goal measurements: bust- 41 1/2 inches, waist- 34 inches, hips- 44 inches…yikes!!!

So there you have it. I plan on using SlimFast and Soy products to lose 4 dress sizes in 4 months. I can do it!

2 thoughts on “SlimFast and Soy?

  1. I never minded the taste of the Slimfast shakes either. They’re not too bad! Try the Chocolate one warmed up in the microwave. As for soy, I have done just a bit of research on the internet and the University of Tennessee library, and have come to two conclusions. 1. Soy is bad. 2. Soy is good. Really! I have found convincing evidence to both conclusions! It is maddening. Who do you believe? I’m still looking into it, just for my own knowledge. This fall I start at the Univ. of TN studying nutrition. So I need all the knowledge I can get!One more thing. Go to my blog and check out the clean eating links on the side. I have been following this plan since December and have had fantastic results. Rooting for ya! Love, Mary

  2. Mary,I think soy is bad for long term use or as a protein substitute. Basically, I have a problem with government sponsored health claims. It’s like those new “high fructose corn syrup is okay for you” commercials…brought to you by the corn modifier association…watch the bottom of the screen! Same thing with the whole 24 oz of milk a day is good for you, brought to you by the dairy farmers of America. Soy has historically been used as a waste product. It has always been around but was rarely used as a food product, unless it was fermented (such as soy sauce). It was used in the crop rotation to help the land rest. These days, it is virtually impossible to buy anything premade in the store without soy in it, even bread. When an agricultural product pushes through as strongly as this one has and claims to be “safe” I look to history. What were our grandparents’ parents eating. We like to think that since we know so much about “modern science” that we have improved things, but look at the number of diseases that were unheard of 100 years ago…Chances are very good that if we look to the diets of pre-WW1 families, we will see all the nutrition we need to see.That being said, I wouldn’t recommend getting all of my protein needs from soy. I don’t think it’s healthy for you or safe for long term consumption. One thing’s for sure: if you start saying that out loud, people will laugh at you. It is truly ingrained (no pun intended) in us that soy is good, animal protein is bad. The logic that just because they did it in the past means that it is good for the present is a logical fallacy, but we can get a very good idea of what the human body has survived on in the past…and the Western diet isn’t it!One other note: God gave us dominion over the animals to eat, even the wandering Israelites were given quail to eat.So what did I do? I am acknowledging all that, yet I just bought 5 different packages of “meatless” burgers. I want to try them and I want to lose weight. Note that I didn’t say that I was to get healthy…my goal is to become more healthy only because I am weighing less, after my sister’s wedding, I plan on eschewing all the soy from my life along with all the “low-fat” products and I plan to eat according to Perfect Weight America and Nourishing Traditions (while still monitoring my calories, mind you…) because I do believe that these are the best ways to eat. Time will tell as I try to lose weight and get pregnant this year!

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