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Recreational Activities

My kids new favorite activity is to remove all the cushions from the couch and then use the couch as a trampoline, something they get in trouble for doing. I don’t mind the removal of the cushions, but I strongly dislike the jumping on the couch. I have told them that they can jump on the cushions which are placed on the ground. I remember doing that as a kid and as long as they are willing to clean up after the mess (which I force them to do…), I am okay with this.

Besides, they look cute! Noah had just stolen a slice of bread from the kitchen and was eating it here.

Jordyn wanted in on the action too, so she asked for a piece of bread, but I made her take a picture first.
The really big change is the addition to our family: 
Yup. We now have two cats. We haven’t named them yet, but they were originally called Cookie (black and white) and Angel (brown and white). Only Angel is a boy and Cookie is a girl…it just doesn’t go right. We are thinking of naming them Oreo and Butterfinger. Butterfinger is really shy and spends most of his day underneath my bed. Oreo will come out occasionally, but only as long as the kids don’t move quickly or noisily. The cats were around kids, so I think this will wear off over time. They are still adjusting to their new environment…which is changing….because we are moving!!! We are setting our date at February 27-28th. We will probably take 3-4 days to drive down there because each of us is driving the entire time, we have four cars between 3 people (including the moving truck)!
I am sure I will be posting more on that vein in the near future. 
Stay Tuned!!!

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