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That’s gotta help!

I had a tooth removed today.

The process was less unpleasant than I expected and though I was completely against the gauze being in my mouth, the actual procedure was okay. Now, however, not so much. It’s not the pain though, because I have very little of that. There is swelling (and oozing…gross!) but that is just plain uncomfortable. What is really difficult right now is EATING. 

Of course that’s a dieter’s dream!!! I anticipate sticking to a relatively liquid diet for the next few days and have purchased a few cans of SlimFast to help get nutrients. Otherwise it’s going to be soups, yogurt and crackers. I am actually looking forward to this. I made some good chicken broth the other day and it’s sitting in my fridge just waiting to be used. I will add some chicken and veggies to it and call it lunch (probably dinner too)!!!
I am really interested in my thought process right now. A week ago, I was stubbornly refusing any and all “diet” food because I didn’t believe in the low-fat diet craze. Well, I still don’t feel like eating “franken-food” is healthy for long-term eating…I don’t plan on eating it long-term! My goal right now is to find ways to cut out the junk from some of my regular meals. I am contemplating BocaBurgers as an easy to prepare lunch for myself and am intrigued with their Chik’n Patties, though they are actually more calories than the burgers. These are things that I would NOT be purchasing before, but now, I find myself willing to try them. The other thing I am considering (and searching out recipes for) is a grilled vegetable spaghetti sauce. I have heard good things about this type of recipe and think I’m almost ready to try it! Pair that with a large salad and a small serving of pasta and I’ve converted a “not-so-good” meal into a keeper!
The bottom line is that I can feel the change- I want to change right now. Still having to figure out what to do with working out, but just changing my food habits is a good start.
Weight’s been jumping around on me; yesterday I was up to 211 and today I’m down to 209. I like weighing in daily, but I guess I don’t take it too seriously. It’s the feeling that counts…its just the numbers that can be measured.

2 thoughts on “That’s gotta help!

  1. My daughter loves the Chick’n patties, and their other products. She has eaten them for years. She has not eaten meat since she was old enough to figure out where it came from. I don’t eat them myself, because they are processed food, I’m ok with giving them to my daughter, as a source of protein for right now. She’s learning how to branch out in her eating habits. There is a brand of vegetarian corn dogs out there, in a green box that she tried once. She said they were good, but the list of ingredients would require a doctorate to read.Soy foods have always been an issue with me. I don’t like the fact that my dd depends on tem so much for protein. But there’s only so many beans you can eat in a day. With her sensory issues, texture can be a problem sometimes. She says the Morningstar Farms products “feel better” than the Bocca products when she eats them.I do hope your mouth heals quickly!! Ouch!

  2. Funny that after writing this, I was looking at a different website, Choosing Voluntary Simplicity, and she has a severe soy allergies. She recommends that you google “reasons to avoid soy” and I did and found this link: http://www.dldewey.com/soyupd.htm, which I thought was really interesting. After reading it, I won’t be buying any soy products. I had always been hesitant about them and have always been told they are an “anti-nutrient” but that website explains it in a ton of detail…You (and your daughter) might be interested in reading it. I know that I can eat plenty of foods while avoiding soy and over-processed foods.

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