High Fructose Corn Syrup

The first time I saw this, I nearly choked!

Now, there are plenty of spoof movies out there, but first, I wanted to call your attention to the “Corn Refiner’s Association” at the bottom of the screen. Anyone find it ironic that now that HFCS is getting bad press, it suddenly has a marketing campaign? AWFUL!!! So, I only watched a few spoofs, but I like this one:

But for more information, check out this guy (I know…that first picture doesn’t look good, but it is really a guy talking and showing pictures):



SlimFast and Soy?

Never in a million years did I expect to go back to the SlimFast diet. I loathe the idea of buying the majority of my diet needs at Target. However, Katie has moved her wedding to the month of May now and the best Saturday in that month is the 30th because Memorial Day weekend falls early this year. So now I am really in a tizzy to lose weight as soon as possible and as fast as possible.

I am embarking, not officially and willing to quit whenever my fancy leads me, on the SlimFast diet. It’s still common sense, only with liquids. The “plan” is:
Shake for breakfast….ummm, yummy! (they’re okay, really.)
Small snack
Shake plus 1/2 a sandwich for lunch
Small snack
“Sensible dinner”
Small snack
Totally do-able and totally common sense. It is basically a way to get all the calories I need without really having to think about what, exactly, I’m eating. I think it will work for a few weeks, possibly the first 10 pounds and then after that I’m really going to need to begin eating again. That’s okay because the SlimFast plan helps you with that transition. The SlimFast website actually includes a free plan to go on, so that’s pretty cool.
The other thing I am going to add to my diet are Boca burgers or Morningstar burgers. By saying that, I mean that I am going to try to incorporate some veggie burgers. I would prefer to avoid the soy based ones, but since they are almost all soy based, I’ll deal with it. It’s only until the end of May. Easy-peasy…right?
I HAVE to lose the weight now, because after talking to my sister, she said she found the bridesmaid dresses, here, take a look! They are gorgeous!!! I love the color and shape and style, but they don’t come in plus sizes, so I really need to get down to a 16. These are now my goal measurements: bust- 41 1/2 inches, waist- 34 inches, hips- 44 inches…yikes!!!

So there you have it. I plan on using SlimFast and Soy products to lose 4 dress sizes in 4 months. I can do it!

Recreational Activities

My kids new favorite activity is to remove all the cushions from the couch and then use the couch as a trampoline, something they get in trouble for doing. I don’t mind the removal of the cushions, but I strongly dislike the jumping on the couch. I have told them that they can jump on the cushions which are placed on the ground. I remember doing that as a kid and as long as they are willing to clean up after the mess (which I force them to do…), I am okay with this.

Besides, they look cute! Noah had just stolen a slice of bread from the kitchen and was eating it here.

Jordyn wanted in on the action too, so she asked for a piece of bread, but I made her take a picture first.
The really big change is the addition to our family: 
Yup. We now have two cats. We haven’t named them yet, but they were originally called Cookie (black and white) and Angel (brown and white). Only Angel is a boy and Cookie is a girl…it just doesn’t go right. We are thinking of naming them Oreo and Butterfinger. Butterfinger is really shy and spends most of his day underneath my bed. Oreo will come out occasionally, but only as long as the kids don’t move quickly or noisily. The cats were around kids, so I think this will wear off over time. They are still adjusting to their new environment…which is changing….because we are moving!!! We are setting our date at February 27-28th. We will probably take 3-4 days to drive down there because each of us is driving the entire time, we have four cars between 3 people (including the moving truck)!
I am sure I will be posting more on that vein in the near future. 
Stay Tuned!!!

And the Race is On

What we have been waiting for has finally happened! Almost.

We are moving! Almost.

We have been delaying our move, which should have already happened by now because our moving plan is somewhat wacky. The plan is that my sister, Kelly and her husband Jared, will be purchasing a house in Pueblo, Colorado. This house will need some work, but they are getting a great deal on it because of that. Jared is a high-school teacher in New Mexico right now, where they live. The promotion ladder requires them to stay in NM for another year, at least, but Kelly is planning on attending the Botany program in Pueblo soon. So, the house will be vacant, but they will “technically” be CO residents, therefore giving Kelly a less expensive tuition rate. Now the question became, “what to do with a vacant house?” That’s where we come in.
My family is flat broke and would very likely be unable to qualify for an apartment that meets our needs. My mom is extremely frugal and not exactly rolling in the dough, if you know what I mean. However, she manages her money properly and is not exactly under the same duress that my family is in. One of my other sisters, Karee, currently lives with my mom and will continue to do so. She is also looking forward to going to college in Colorado. Put three frugal (whether by choice or circumstances) together add a vacant house and you might infer what the plan is: we will all combine and share Kelly’s house (that she’s not living in) for as long as it takes. The plan is weak at best, since we are all of different minds and habits, but it is the best choice for now…you can’t beat a $500 mortgage split three ways!
So what has happened to warrant this post? Kelly has heard from the realtor and she should be closing within two or three weeks. Then there is some plumbing and a furnace that needs replacing and we will be moving in! My house hasn’t sold yet, but my husband was already going to stay behind temporarily because he is in a deployed National Guard unit and won’t be able to move until this summer. He will stay behind and finish up the sale of our house. The debate going on is what will happen once he moves to Colorado. Will we get our own apartment or rough it with my mother? What we will have to do, is play it based on the job availability. Kelly’s house is in Pueblo, CO and we want to live in Colorado Springs, which is 45 minutes north. If Eric gets a job in Colorado Springs, we will most likely be moving there. If he is unable to find a job there, he will extend his search to the Pueblo area, but Springs is our first choice. Our tentative move date is the tail end of February to the beginning of March, with dental appointments and moving costs complicating things.
Now the objective is to get packed ASAP and to sell (or give away) whatever we won’t need. This has become slightly harry because we will be combining two households and there is no need for two living room furniture sets. Our furniture is definitely in BAD shape, so we will be getting rid of most of it (all of it). This leaves a whole in our living room if we do end up getting an apartment of our own, but we will just carefully add to our house what we need slowly. It should be fun!
Over the next three weeks, I need to:
*organize the entire house, decluttering and collecting “like objects” together.
*sell (or list for sale) most of the furniture. We were thinking that we would try to sell things like our children’s bedroom sets for very close to what we paid for them and if we don’t get what we were asking for, then we will keep them. We would like to be able to purchase bunk beds for them because we will need to rent only a two-bedroom apartment and both bed sets make for a room that is far too crowded.
*pack everything…carefully! Space is at a premium, so I need to be extremely careful about what I choose to pack and how I choose to pack it. I am pretty handicapped when it comes to organizing things spatially, so this is going to take some serious planning on my part. I am employing the use of those vacuum bags for larger items like blankets and whatnot and will probably use them to pack boxes with clothes in them. I am putting away a lot of toys, since I can’t give them away anymore.
*cook from my pantry! I have a large store of things in my pantry and I am going to need to organize and declutter that as well.
Blogging will have to move to a back burner, but hopefully I will be able to post pictures and stuff every week or so. I am looking forward to having this move over with!

That’s gotta help!

I had a tooth removed today.

The process was less unpleasant than I expected and though I was completely against the gauze being in my mouth, the actual procedure was okay. Now, however, not so much. It’s not the pain though, because I have very little of that. There is swelling (and oozing…gross!) but that is just plain uncomfortable. What is really difficult right now is EATING. 

Of course that’s a dieter’s dream!!! I anticipate sticking to a relatively liquid diet for the next few days and have purchased a few cans of SlimFast to help get nutrients. Otherwise it’s going to be soups, yogurt and crackers. I am actually looking forward to this. I made some good chicken broth the other day and it’s sitting in my fridge just waiting to be used. I will add some chicken and veggies to it and call it lunch (probably dinner too)!!!
I am really interested in my thought process right now. A week ago, I was stubbornly refusing any and all “diet” food because I didn’t believe in the low-fat diet craze. Well, I still don’t feel like eating “franken-food” is healthy for long-term eating…I don’t plan on eating it long-term! My goal right now is to find ways to cut out the junk from some of my regular meals. I am contemplating BocaBurgers as an easy to prepare lunch for myself and am intrigued with their Chik’n Patties, though they are actually more calories than the burgers. These are things that I would NOT be purchasing before, but now, I find myself willing to try them. The other thing I am considering (and searching out recipes for) is a grilled vegetable spaghetti sauce. I have heard good things about this type of recipe and think I’m almost ready to try it! Pair that with a large salad and a small serving of pasta and I’ve converted a “not-so-good” meal into a keeper!
The bottom line is that I can feel the change- I want to change right now. Still having to figure out what to do with working out, but just changing my food habits is a good start.
Weight’s been jumping around on me; yesterday I was up to 211 and today I’m down to 209. I like weighing in daily, but I guess I don’t take it too seriously. It’s the feeling that counts…its just the numbers that can be measured.


This morning I weighed myself first thing in the morning, something I plan on doing every morning from now on. Today I was 210.6. I will probably keep a list on the sidebar of my daily weigh-in so I won’t be creating a new post everytime, we’ll see. I will still post a weekly or monthly weigh-in post, with measurements.

In other news, I have been playing on researching SparkPeople’s website. I really encourage you to go take a look. The site is overwhelming at first (and at second) but there is a lot of good information and a lot of hand-holding. I am really liking it…and it’s FREE!!! Need I say more?
Look for another post within a day or two with my “body profile”- a written description of my body, it’s condition, and it’s needs.

My Evil Wonderful Sister(s)

I talked to my sister, Katie, the one who is getting married this fall :), and as everyone in my family does, she asked how my diet was going. It wasn’t a comment made out of the blue, as usual, I was being self-disparaging with talk about how much weight I would need to lose before her wedding and she asked how I was doing with this task of losing weight.

Katie has always been a rock for me. She has been in such poor health lately that it is easy to forget all she has accomplished. She is extremely intelligent, kind, generous, and wise beyond her years. She is also a committed follower of Christ and has been my role model for years. As Katie and I were having this conversation, I could hear the underlying scolding- the disappointment that, yet again, I had failed to do what I said I would do and that, yet again, I was not living up to all I could be. Above all else, my family wants me to succeed and does everything in their power to make sure it happens.
Today, Katie wasn’t listening to my usual round of excuses like, “Yeah, I’m doing okay,” which is code for, “I was doing okay until I ate a full meal at Panda Express and a box of candy last night.” Nor did she pay attention to my favorite excuse, “I just don’t know which diet to do,” which is really code for, “I just don’t want to put forth the effort.” Instead she urged forced me to start a diet, right now. She made me promise to start today, with whatever diet I chose and she told me how I was going to choose. I chose to put two different diets in the hat- both of which I believed that I could start and stick with, even if I didn’t agree wholeheartedly with either of them. I chose eDiets (which is what I put meaning the standard, low-fat, American diet. No restrictions on processed foods or types of foods as long as they meet my caloric, and general health, needs) and Body By God which has a lot of good tips, but is a little less “normal” than eDiets but healthier on a long-term scale. Both names went into a bowl and though I would have preferred to pull out Body By God, I don’t believe in mistakes, and I pulled out eDiets.
I have now committed to stay on this diet, even though I don’t agree with everything in it, until Katie’s wedding which hasn’t been set yet, but will be sometime this summer. Enough time for me to apply myself and lose a significant amount of weight. When I feel like quitting and doing a different diet, I am to remind myself that I will be able to change diets after her wedding. I can’t afford to do eDiets, and though I don’t think I really need a plan, I am going to sign up for SparkPeople because it is free and they do much of what eDiets charges you $30 a month for. They use a points for reward system and you get a certain number of points for accomplishing tasks, like journalling, entering food into the food log or reading health articles. (If you read this post, check it out and decide to sign up, reference my user name “krankemommy” and I get some points!). I have seen the website before and thought it was really nicely done so I am headed back there for some direction and community.
I will be journalling here (and there) about my progress and doing weigh-ins and measurement posts too. Please post comments…that’s what they are there for!!!