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Clean House, part 2!

I couldn’t upload more than 5 pictures in the post (I don’t know why!) so here is the second half of my house.

First, the Master bedroom. Eric is a big fan of tigers and he bought that blanket in Iraq. It has found a home on our bed while I am making a quilt for us. I will likely only make a duvet cover and buy a cheap comforter to fill it with. We have a King Sized bed so washing a bedspread is impractical at best. I have a green bed skirt, but it is in the wash today. 🙂
This is the kids’ room, which as you can probably tell by the color, it was originally just Jordyn’s room. The pictures she has on the walls were all taken by my mom. The afghan she has on her bed was also made by my mom and Jordyn has had it since she was born.
It is perhaps too much furniture to cram into one room but I have found that I really like the kids sharing a room for now. You can see Noah’s afghan on his bed, which he uses as a “blankie” and dearly loves.
This was Noah’s room, but is now the play/book/TV/storage room. I originally cleared it out to have a place to put the boxes I’d packed but it rapidly turned into a multi-purpose room, including a library. Those white shelves go across the entire length of the room and are filled with books (only the ones I want to sell, the good ones are packed already).
So there you have it. A tour of my home…my clean home! Hope you enjoyed it!!!


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