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Progress so far

Thanks Mary, for reminding me that I hadn’t posted in a while!

Ediets is going okay. I did lose some weight at one point, down to 207.6 (I always seem to be .6) but I am pretty sure that I have gained that back already. The program is really simple and I know it works but I just haven’t committed to it the way I should have; this is something my mother reminds me of daily. I am willing to get back into it only because I really want to lose weight!

The thing is, I really want to lose weight by using Perfect Weight America. I love the Nourishing Traditions cookbook, and I have seen a friend of mine lose weight by incorporating those things into her diet. At first I thought that I could sort of combine the two, just taking the best from each. That is NOT going to work. Ediets is all about a low-fat diet. NT and PWA are about healthy fats, the kind of fats that eDiets wants you to avoid like the plague! I know that eDiets will help me to lose weight, but it does feel short-sighted because I know that I would prefer to live a NT lifestyle.

On the other hand, NT does require a certain amount of specialty, organic food. It does require me to be a lot more selective with where I shop and what I purchase. Ediets allows a lot of the “modern” foods, including breakfast cereal (something NT is against) and microwave instant meals (I don’t think Sally Fallon would approve!). They do have some common ground, smoothie and increased vegetable consumption. I think some of the things in NT would be fine to use, like the drinks for example and the starch recipes. I think what I need to do is commit, either way, always being able to have an excuse because it isn’t the way it is done in PWA/NT isn’t good enough. I am on eDiets. I want to succeed. I want to get pregnant. Have I mentioned that this is one of my major motivators? I would dearly love to expand my family, because I do believe that kids are a blessing from the Lord and telling Him that I don’t want any blessings right now is just plain selfish (and stupid, I might add)

So, back to eDiets I go. I must commit to it, low-fat lifestyle and all. What’s the worst that could happen? Death? To die is gain, right? I find it hard to believe that eating less fat will kill me, and I am bound to lose weight, it’s scientifically proven. What might happen is that I might be less healthy than if I followed a NT diet. However, I won’t be less healthy after six months on eDiets than I am right now, so all things considered, what do I have to lose? 65 pounds?

I’m just repeating myself!!! And giving myself excuses…


2 thoughts on “Progress so far

  1. Oh Kristi,The bottom line to eating habits and losing weight is this. You have to burn off or “use” more than you take in. Period. Oh how I wish it were different, but it is not. No matter if you follow a low fat, high carb diet, or a higher fat and lower carb diet, or a high protein, “good” carb diet, it comes down to calories in, calories out. You can be healthy and follow a low fat diet. People do it all the time. I think it is easier to stick to a diet higher in the good fats in the long term, personally.Really, the best diet to be on is one you can stick to for long term. For the rest of our lives we will need to consume only the calories that our bodies need, and no more, or we will gain weight again. Goodness knows I wish it were different, but it’s not.All that being said, there are good and not-so-good points to *any* eating plan. Choose one that suits the needs of your whole family, is affordable, and is doable over the holidays, birthdays, vacations etc. Think “lifestyle” not just a diet to lose weight.You can do this. One day at a time.Take your time, makes small changes. I’ll be cheering you on!Mary in TN

  2. Nice post..! I am a busy mom of 3 and definitely have weight issues. I am not a < HREF="http://www.couponalbum.com/category/diet-weightloss.htm" REL="nofollow">diet<> pill fan. I recently joined < HREF="http://www.couponalbum.com/coupons/ediets.htm" REL="nofollow">eDiets.com<> and love it. Tons of information are there and I can log on and get support at anytime.

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