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My Current Stats

I measured myself today and I weigh 214 pounds, with clothes on, mid-day.

I wear a 2x top, and 20-22 on the bottom, depending on the fit.
My bra size is a 44DD.
My neck is 15 1/2 inches.
My bicep is 15 inches.
My waist measured at the belly button is 45 inches.
My hips measure 50 inches.
My thigh measures 27 inches.
My calf measures 15 1/2 inches.
Beginning tomorrow, I will be keeping and posting a food diary for one week, after which I will begin a lifestyle diet. Something must change. My tooth aches incessantly and we are out of dental insurance at the moment; I am sure that I need at least a root canal, possibly a crown. My scalp is dry and itchy, though my hair remains oily. These, I am sure, are only a small portion of the things wrong with me. It must change.

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