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I have been researching the topic of Biblical modesty for quite some time now (as frequent readers well know) and now yet another topic concerning Biblical modesty comes up; the topic of headcovering during prayer and prophesying. According to 1 Corinthians 11: 2-16 we see Paul discussing either sex wearing a head cover. He states pretty literally (not speaking in figurative terms) that it is a disgrace for men to cover their heads and for women, it is a disgrace for them to be UNCOVERED! I never knew this before. I remember my mom mentioning to me that when she was a girl, she was required to cover her head in church, even it it meant pulling a tissue out of her purse. However, at some point, for some reason, that practice stopped. I have read a good article on the subject at this website: http://www.kingshouse.org/headcovering.htm. I would completely encourage anyone to go visit it (you should be able to click on the link) because it really made me think. I didn’t go out and buy a bunch of headcoverings, though I have looked for some that look a little more modern and not so “Islamic” in style. Interesting that we would associate a Jewish and Christian practice now more with Islam than the original religion! Anyway, this topic is fascinating me right now, as is modest, feminine clothing. Tell me what you think!


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