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Writing Sabbatical

My husband and I had challenged ourselves to have no “screen” time this past weekend. I had anticipated plenty of family games and activities, giggles and activities, and of course, plenty of family bonding time. Things didn’t go exactly as I had planned.

Morning was difficult because that is when the kids usually watch most of their TV; they love the Nick Jr. shows like Dora, Deigo, Max and Ruby, Backyardigans, and Lazy Town. Added to all that are the Disney shows (on TV) like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and all of their full-length movies like Peter Pan and whatnot. Basically, they will gladly watch anything geared for children. Eric and I held them off for the morning though, we managed to interest them in a puzzle and then there was breakfast. It looked like it would be a good day, but then Eric left, mid-morning and left me alone with the kids. We still survived and made it to the afternoon.

That didn’t go so well, since the kids didn’t sleep and I was exhausted. Anyway, long story short (and to get to my point…) the kids ended up watching TV that afternoon and evening, but I included computer into the concept of “screen time” so I haven’t been on my computer since then…

It’s always funny when you don’t want to be on the computer, how many writing ideas you get. I made a few notes so that I would know what to write later, but I just haven’t made time to do it today. It’s already afternoon, but I feel like I want to do something else today. I might actually do a little sewing. I am hoping to make a few skirts for myself to wear instead of shorts this summer. Anyway,

All I really want to do is get something done today. Whatever it is…


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