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Yesterday’s Writing

So, I have started writing again. After losing over 50 pages of writing, I didn’t want to actually put it all on the computer again but since paper is probably easier destroyed or lost than any computer file, I figured I might as well give it another shot. After all, I keep telling myself that I am a writer, but if I am indeed a writer, then writing is what I need to do to feel productive during my day. I have settled on a simple 30 minutes a day; 5-10 in freewriting at the beginning. I will do my free-writing here, just to keep track. Maybe I will talk a little about what I wrote yesterday or how I want the next section to turn out. I might even try an actual exercise. It all remains to be seen.

Right now, I am actually concerned with going back to school. I want to go to school to teach, but I just missed the deadline at Saint Martin’s, which means I might need to go to Evergreen…though I think their standards are much the same. In the end, I know that I can graduate from Evergreen in about 1 year, but then I will need to go through the Masters in Teaching program. I wonder if potential employers will look at my Bachelor’s degree if I have a current MiT. How strong of an emphasis do I need if I want to teach in Washington. Do I want to teach in Washington? Would it just be better to pursue a straight MFA in English and attempt to teach community college? Gosh, I really wish that I had someone that I could talk about these particular issues to. Mom just says, “get the degree,” like it’s some item I can check off my grocery list. I have to pick something that I can use in the future or the degree is just a waste of time and money.


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